Saturday, 2 August 2014

The body shop tea tree skin clearing lotion

One range that I love is the body shop tea tree range. I have very problemed skin and find that tea tree products to really help keep my skin in control. I have used and still use a lot of this range form the body shop for many years and think for the price its a great buy. It retails for £3! Which is an absolute steal! However I find body shop always have great discounts, point cards and sells a lot of products in sets so its always great to find it a little cheaper.

It's advertised to be a  lightweight, non oily moisturising lotion, which I completely agree with. This is great for my very oily and acne-prone skin as if used daily I find to both stop spots from starting and to get rid of pre existing spots. I find it great as it is also fast-absorbing which means you are not waiting around. I don't use this alone, and also not everyday; I only wear it after I wash my face with my Tea Tree forming cleanser, which is another firm favourite of mine.

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  1. A lotion with tea tree oil? That sounds so good, I'd really like to try this out! I didn't know the body shop line had a lotion one, thanks for sharing this post :)

    Every Day In Grace

    1. It is! Although I do love the whole body shop tea tree line! :)

  2. Haven't tried this range yet but been hearing so many good things about it. For only £3 I will have to try it.