Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Having dyslexia

It didn't come as much of a surprise to my family, friends or my self when my college finally discovered I was dyslexic.My spellings, which I am sure there is multiple mistakes on here, are pretty bad along with my grammar. I also have a very bad memory and find it extremely hard to read unfamiliar words. So today I thought it was time for a non beauty type post but instead talk about my experiences with dyslexia. As I turned to reading a lot of these types of post before I was diagnosed.

My diagnosis was very late compared to most. For example one of my friends was diagnosed in year 4 whereas myself in year 12. At school I hated subjects like English and use to freak out when having to read out loud. Once I was doing a drama exam in which one of your drama lessons is recorded to be sent off to the examiner.  We went round in a circle reading out a paragraph each of a case study so I did what I always did, count how many people were before me found my chapters then re read it lots of times before it was my turn in order to not mess it up. However the boy before me was asked to read my paragraph as well. I lost it and could not read the simplest words such as 'mother' I looked up after 5 minutes of trying to read a 3 line paragraph and could feel my whole class looking at me like 'what the hell'. Of course that's not the only story if you are like me you will realise that this happens on a pretty much daily basis.

A lot of people suffer with dyslexia however most goes undiagnosed. When stalking through you lovely followers on bloglovin, I am aware most people reading my blog are still at school. If I have one tip to people who think they are dyslexic, have a test. I found out in the first couple of weeks at College and I am so thankful I got the test. Without it I would not of got extra time and a separate room to do my exams in which comes in very helpful.

There is a lot I could talk about regarding dyslexia, whether telling you all that being dyslexic does not make you stupid and such like however it is a very wide topic. Therefore I feel like a dyslexia Q&A would be easier, I am going to tweet and I want you to leave me any questions, whether on this or by email, which I will answer in a separate post.

In the mean time if you are in need for some extra advice, Have a look round these sites:

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  1. My little cousin and one of my friends are both dyslexic and I know how hard it is for them! It annoys me so much when others think people who suffer with it are stupid, they really don't understand. Mollie King from The Saturdays also has dyslexia, which just proves it can't stop you doing whatever you want to!

    Maddie //

  2. Ahhh, I can relate to this post so much! My husband has Dyslexia and ADHD, and I have Dyslexia and ADD. Between the two of us, I'd be shocked if our sons didn't catch those as well. I agree that people should have the disability checked out if they suspect anything; it's 2014, most people are more understanding and less judgmental about it!

  3. Hey what would you do, if you're quite good at English, but no one believes that you think you may have dyslexia? I've tried many times at college and no success. My grades are alright but I would like to be checked as my mum suffers from it.

    Many thanks

    1. Hey, here is a couple of tips that I did:

      1) take this online test ( I may not be 100% true but if you answer honestly it will give you a basic idea. If it come back as you do you can use it as proof for them people who don't believe you.
      2) You can be good at English and have dyslexia, For example one of my best friends is higher on the dyslexia scale then myself however recently got an A in English As level. Have a look at these symptoms ( and tick off what you have and again use it as proof to show people at college.
      3) Even if no one will listen try and find strategies that will help you over come the things you find hard

      If you have any questions then email me at and I will be happy to help! xx

  4. Hi there, I am currently on holiday however will return home on Sunday, due to dogged wifi ect I promise to reply fully to your question as soon as I get home! Don't worry I have read it and will make a list of things for you to do when I have a laptop ect with me, I won't forget!