Friday, 22 August 2014

Top tips for make-up beginners

When I was younger I was a very late blumer into the world of make-up. Then when I finally did its safe to say I was not good at it. I had no idea what went where and how to get it to look 'right'. I can 100 % say I learnt everything I needed to know from blogs and YouTube.  Even though I am VERY extremely far from an expert,  I thought I would share some of the basic tips I wish I had in year 10.

1) Know your tools! - I always used very cheap brushes until I decided to have a little spending spree on  makeup brushes as they were getting a bit battered.  Trust me a little extra money on decent brushes makes all the difference . Also when your a complete beginner, LEARN YOUR BRUSHES! It may look scary at first trying to buy brushes when there's hundreds of different types, but its better to learn what there used for then using an concealer brush as a eye-shadow brush for example.

2) get a good skin care routine - Even if you don't suffer with spots or have natural perfect skin (your a lucky person if you are may I add) you still need a good skin routine.  Remember everyone's is different as everyone has different skin types. It will take a while to get products right for your skin. But its not all about expensive creams some cheaper products work just as well.

3)  Foundation, skin colour - It may be one of the most obvious tips but make sure you get the right colour foundation. Take your time whichever shop your in to make sure you get the right colour! and if you need help just ask for it, the staff wont bite. The right colour foundation just makes such a difference compared to having a darker face to neck.

4) Face, read the label -When I first started wearing make-up I would of just walked into a shop picked up the cheapest, best looking foundation I could fine and buy it. But make sure you read the label. Different foundations help with different problems. Like some are oil free which help with skin prone to acne. Or some foundations have a fuller coverage compared to others.

5) Eyes - if you are a complete beginner, then practice makes perfect with eye make up. My top tip is don't go over board!  trying to do a powerful smoky eye when your new to eye makeup will not end well. Start off just getting use to mascara before moving on to experiment with eye shadow and then eyeliner. Eyeliner will take a lot of getting use to but a  bit of practice and your good to go. If you're  a bit more advanced then try finding coloured eye shadows that make your eyes 'pop'. This will show off your skills and make your eyes look bolder.

Green eyes - The contrasting colour to green is red. So use red, wine, burgundy or pinky colours.
Blue eyes - Blue eyes look well with copper  orange eye shadow to contrast with your eyes to make them look bluer. Also using a blue eye-shadow will bring out the colour in your eyes.
Brown eyes- Brown eyes go well with most eye shadow colours such as pale pastels, purples, greens and different shades of brown.

6) Highlighting, make sure you do it in the right place - This is when we start to really emphasising your face compared with just trying to get a flawless finish when using foundation. Highlighting gives the effect of natural light on the face. Its important to highlight in the place:

Apply to your browbone, nose ,chin, under your eyes, inside the tear ducts and cupids bow. My little tip is not to go too over the top on the highlighting, its not meant to look obvious.

7) watch the videos - contouring and blush do take a bit of practice to get it in the right place. But id make sure you don't have too much on your brush so that you look  a bit 'coated' in makeup. I admit I have been out in the past with a little too much blush on and must of looked like a bit of a clown. My tip is too watch basic contouring videos on YouTube. This is what I did as its pretty hard to teach your self to contour just going off someone's blog!

8) lip liner - my top tip when working on your lips is use a lip liner as a base before using a lipstick. This fills the lips out before using a lipstick, making then look fuller and keeps your lipstick on for longer.

9) Eyebrows - So I have a couple of tips when working with eyebrows. Firstly, try setting your eyebrows with hairspray on a brow brush or a clear mascara .This way you don't have any flyaway hairs so you brows look slink and perfect. Secondly  everyone has there own opinion on eyebrows, how big, bold and the shape. However personally I don't really like the massive 'all attention on your eyebrows' eyebrows. To emphasise your brows simply use an eye shadow or pencil to fill them in. You can also highlight just under the brow. My tip is too make sure you are using the right colour so it doesn't look like it obvious but natural. Lastly, if your doing your eyebrows yourself then don't over pluck them.Then you don't have a lot of eyebrows to work with. Again I think working off YouTube videos is the best way to do this, so here is a little clip I found useful.
10)  Fix it - It doesn't matter if your using a setting powder or a fixing spray then its important to set your face so your make-up lasts for longer.

So that's it! I hope these have been helpful especially if you are very new to make-up.

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  1. Thank you so much! This is so helpful!

  2. Great post with loads of useful info so thanks very much. I am still learning and I am 34 :P

    Pam @

  3. This is really helpful! I can't say I'm the best at make up, I tend to keep to the bare minimum so that I don't do anything wrong, but this is great advice!


  4. This is a very informative post! I can tell that you've put a lot of thought into it. <3

  5. These are definitely the tips I would give to my younger self, I've learnt all this now just like you from watching lots of YouTube video's, I think YouTube has got a lot stronger over the last few years for this sort of thing! xx