Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Daily hair products

I use a good few products on my hair which means there is a lot of reviews I could do. Before getting my teeth into them posts I thought I would share the list of the products that I use at-least weekly. There is some brands which you can see are firm favourites of mine. If you personally would like reviews on a certain product then don't be scared to ask.

lee Stafford breaking hair detangling spray  
Umberto Giannini - pure beauty shampoo
Umberto Giannini - intense beauty conditioner 
Toni and guy - cleanse and nourish shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair
Neal and wolf Shampoo and conditioner 
Lee Stafford bleach blonde shampoo
Lee Stafford bleach blonde conditioner 
Toni and guy nourish reconstruction mask
John Frieda full repair deep conditioner  mask
Umberto Giannini Instant Beauty Silky Soft Leave-in conditioner
Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Split Ends Serum
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder lightening spray
Tresemme Heat Protect Mist
Neal and wolf shine spray 
Umberto Giannini overnight beauty moisture balm 
Umberto Giannini catwalk beauty hairspray
Umberto Giannini backcomb in a bottle

I had this post planned for today during Blogust as I wanted to show what I use on ombre hair, however is a few days after I get back from Holland the ombre is going and I am having a bit of a chop off the end. Therefore after that I will probably want to try out some different products, but for this type of hair this is what I use.

Thanks for reading! I'm blogging at least once everyday in August, read the first post here!



  1. I don't think I've heard of the brand 'Umberto Giannini' before, but it looks like its a favourite of yours. Could you maybe do a review on a few of those products


    1. I will certainly do that! They will probably go up start of September time! xx

  2. I always see Umberto Gianini products featured in magazines here (in the US), but never see them at the stores. Ever. :-O