Thursday, 31 July 2014

Next #changingroomselfie competition!

Being a part of the next blogger network, I was really excited to receive an email about a great competition, the #changingroomselfie. I love next clothing as they are such good quality and I especially love all their accessories. I will say I did find a good few outfits I loved and wanted to use however I ended up going for an autumn outfit instead of a summer one. Autumn is my favourite season most definitely and I love the colours and fashion.

 I also chose this outfit as it could be worn on multiple occasions for example it could be worn for days out or even just a quick shopping trip because its so comfy! My favourite piece has to be the top, I love the cut out shoulders and subtle tribal stitching. I feel like it could be easily dressed up with a nice black skirt and heels. Or as I did with this outfit dress it down, something you can easily wear to college for example. I also love the sleeveless cardigan for autumn or colder summer days / nights. Its also a piece that can be thrown on to make a boring outfit a bit more interesting. The black tapered trousers are supper comfy and can be worn with any thing! A casual top like I have done but also could be used in a work or dressy outfit.

Top (also in navy nay and grey) - £32 - here
Cardigan - £32 - here
Trousers - £18 - here

Like I said there was a lot of different outfits I could of chosen from which proves Next have a lot of amazing pieces in stock at the moment, so go and have a look around!

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bits Bobs and Bows xx

A while ago two of my friends that I go to gymnastics with set up an Etsy shop selling bows, scrunchies and things alike.  I've been looking for a nice scrunchie for a while but not knowing if id be able to pull of the whole 80s look I wasn't prepared to spend a lot of money. Of course knowing them I had to have a look and bought two items.  Now if you follow me an twitter or instagram ( Click here for a little look around) you will know I got a lace scrunchie and a large red floral bow. I seriously love them especially since they both cost £2.50 each.  They have also started to recently make  flower crowns as well as necklaces at really affordable prices compared to most high street scrunchies, bows and flower crowns ect. They currently have a 1k instagram followers give-away going on as-well so you really need to go and have a look around all there sites now!

Their Etsy shop --
Depop - Bitsbobsandbowsxx
Their Instagram -- bitsbobsandbowsxx

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Blogger interviews #3 - Rebecca from Raising the roofs

Its time again for another blogger interview! This week I interviewed Becca from raisingtheroofs. So enjoy!

'What is your blog called and what is it about?'
My blog Url is My blog is called Raising the Roof’s and it is a lifestyle blog with some fashion, beauty, recipes and organization thrown into it. I share about the craziness of my family of 4 and all things about Raising The Roof’s!

'Why did you want to start your blog?'
I started my blog for a way to make friends and as a creative outlet for the million thoughts always running through my mind. We recently moved to a new state and I don’t know very many people around here so I wanted to blog to create new friendships and to help me keep sane while I stay at home with my 2 crazy toddlers.

'What’s some other blogs you like and where do you take inspiration from?'
I take inspiration from my blog from other great blogs out there. There is so many original and unique blogs that can be found and I just love reading what other’s post about. Some of my favourite blogs are , and . These 3 ladies have such great blogs, Marion Berry and Work Clothes I suppose are great fashion blogs and always give me inspiration for putting together my own outfits. Living in Yellow is a great funny blog and I can’t get enough of all 3.

'What are you hoping for in the future?'
I'm hoping to keep writing great content on my blog and to get better at my writing style. I hope to make some great friendships in the blogging community and to eventually attend a few blogging conferences.

'What’s any / all your social media links?'

I hope you enjoyed another interview post and make sure to check out all of Beccas links. Please follow for more interviews which now go up every Monday as well as my normal posts and if you are a blogger and would like to take part then email me at !

To read the first blogger interview click here 

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Primark Fedora

Pre warning today's post is just a little post on something ive been loving lately, nothing big! I've been looking for a fedora hat for a good while now however being on a student budget wasn't a fan of spending a lot of money for one from topshop ect. Especially when I hasn't sure if I could get enough wear out of it or if I could pull t off. However I found this one in the festival section in Primark and had to try it out. It was only £8 and has a gorgeous little bow on the side. I would wish I was a little bigger around the edge but for the price you can not complain.

So if your looking for a new fedora for a bargain price I would definitely try out Primark!

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Summer ice cream float

So the other day in the British summer sun I decided to make an old classic, an ice cream float. I'm pretty sure everyone knows how to make them and if not its pretty self explanatory from the pictures. The basic way how I made it was:

- Make a pink butter icing by creaming butter and icing sugar together
- Add a food colouring of your chose if you want to
- Run the top of the glass into the icing
- Add some sprinkles to the icing making the glass look a lot more interesting
- Add a fizzy drink of chose, you can use anything I used a cloudy lemonade
- Add an ice cream of chose and you are done!

Like I said it is super easy and perfect for being in the summer sun which we are having the Britain at the moment.

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Blogger Interviews #2 - Catherine from Counter Pretty

Its time for the second part of my blogger interviews! This week I talked to Catherine form Counter Pretty! She started her blog back in May and is 18 years old attending the university of Birmingham. She has lots of amazing content as well as having a gorgeous layout  so go and check it out! Anyway on with the interview!

 'What is your blog called and what is it about?'

My blog is called Counter Pretty ( 
The name is kind of odd but I went on a random name generator and this came out, I could pretend it had something to do with beauty counters but it doesn't. Sometimes I'm tempted to change the name but that seems a lot of effort and I suppose it's a short and simple name. It's a beauty blog with the occasional random chatty post, but I like to focus on bargain products.

'Why did you want to start your blog?'

I started my blog because it's something I'd wanted to do for ages. Before I bought a product I would always read through beauty blogs to find reviews and they were something I loved to read. But it annoyed me how a lot of blogs mainly review higher end products that I could never afford which I why I try and concentrate my blog on bargains and cheap products that I wanted to hear about myself. I'd ummed and aahed about it for years and eventually I just decided to take the plunge. Someone asked me what the worst that could happen was, and I realised that the worst thing that could happen would be if no-one read it, and I talk to myself all the time anyway so that wouldn't be an issue. It started just as something to do over summer but then I ended up getting followers and found the beauty blogging community which I LOVE and I intend to stick around as long as possible.

'What’s some other blogs you like and where do you take inspiration from?'

Oh god this is so hard because I like a LOT of blogs! I absolutely love Miss Makeup Magpie, A Yellow Brick Blog, Love from Be, My Pale Skin and Tale of a Pale Face, Drugstore Obsession and Dolly Birds and Bows. If I'm honest the list could go on forever as I haven't actually found a blog I don't like really, but these are ones that stick out to me and I love and read all of the time. I'm now going to end up in a guilt obsession over blogs I didn't mention but also love.  I try and use my own inspiration when writing my blog as I want to make sure that my writing sounds like me and is personal to me. I do love reading other blogs to get ideas for products to buy and review so I guess a lot of my buying inspiration comes from other bloggers.

'What are you hoping for in the future?'

I have no idea! I really really love blogging and the blogging community. I've organised a meet up for August and I can't wait to meet other bloggers then and network more. Obviously I want my blog to grow as much as possible as it's such a warm fuzzy feeling when you reach a follower milestone or someone likes a post. But right now I'm just learning and trying to make my blog as lovely and good as I can make it. I would love to get better at photography as well and grow my youtube channel. But right now I just want to carry on enjoying it!

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I've banged on about this a lot but honestly some of the people I've met (online at least) through blogging have been the sweetest people. Recent scandals have came about and obviously not everyone is ever going to be nice in any community. But bloggers seem to be the sweetest people in general and I love taking part in twitter chats and just getting to know the people behind the blogs. 

'Whats your social media links?'

You can follow me on Bloglovin:
My twitter is:
and my brand new youtube is:
I also have Pinterest but I have absolutely no idea how to use it!
Also I'd like to put in a thank you to the lovely Chloe for interviewing me :)

I hope you are all enjoying this new feature! I'm really loving getting to know more bloggers in the community from all different areas. Id like to thank Catherine for taking part so make sure you go and check out all her links! And remember I am carrying on this feature so if you want an interview email me here !

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Harry Potter studio Tour - London

So this post may be a little more then delayed as I actually went to the tour in December and now its July! I'm not really sure why I never did the post however I found the pictures the other day so better late then never! The tour  was amazing, being English I think its pretty much mandatory to at least watch all the movies.

The tour was great! I'm not going to do a full in depth review because there is lots of blogs around which have done a much better explanation of the day then I will. The day basically consisted of myself being a complete fan-girl for the day. You are taken on a tour of the complete set, watch exclusive footage, see all the props make-up and clothes and  even had a magical ride on a broom (WHICH WAS PRETTY DARN COOL). The first part includes watching some never seen before footage in some very comfy chairs and having a guided tour of the great hall. After that point you are free to roam the giant set taking as much time as you need.

I wish I got more pictures however I did film a vlog whilst I was there but it also never got uploaded. Therefore  it may or may not get uploaded in the future.

There is lots of little surprises through out the whole tour which makes the harry potter experience just more special. I will say to make sure you read all the stuff and take in as much of it as possible. As otherwise its easy not to make the most of it.

Have you been? What do you think?

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*the pictures are not in order of the tour and some where taken by my brother*