Monday, 28 July 2014

Blogger interviews #3 - Rebecca from Raising the roofs

Its time again for another blogger interview! This week I interviewed Becca from raisingtheroofs. So enjoy!

'What is your blog called and what is it about?'
My blog Url is My blog is called Raising the Roof’s and it is a lifestyle blog with some fashion, beauty, recipes and organization thrown into it. I share about the craziness of my family of 4 and all things about Raising The Roof’s!

'Why did you want to start your blog?'
I started my blog for a way to make friends and as a creative outlet for the million thoughts always running through my mind. We recently moved to a new state and I don’t know very many people around here so I wanted to blog to create new friendships and to help me keep sane while I stay at home with my 2 crazy toddlers.

'What’s some other blogs you like and where do you take inspiration from?'
I take inspiration from my blog from other great blogs out there. There is so many original and unique blogs that can be found and I just love reading what other’s post about. Some of my favourite blogs are , and . These 3 ladies have such great blogs, Marion Berry and Work Clothes I suppose are great fashion blogs and always give me inspiration for putting together my own outfits. Living in Yellow is a great funny blog and I can’t get enough of all 3.

'What are you hoping for in the future?'
I'm hoping to keep writing great content on my blog and to get better at my writing style. I hope to make some great friendships in the blogging community and to eventually attend a few blogging conferences.

'What’s any / all your social media links?'

I hope you enjoyed another interview post and make sure to check out all of Beccas links. Please follow for more interviews which now go up every Monday as well as my normal posts and if you are a blogger and would like to take part then email me at !

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