Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Summer ice cream float

So the other day in the British summer sun I decided to make an old classic, an ice cream float. I'm pretty sure everyone knows how to make them and if not its pretty self explanatory from the pictures. The basic way how I made it was:

- Make a pink butter icing by creaming butter and icing sugar together
- Add a food colouring of your chose if you want to
- Run the top of the glass into the icing
- Add some sprinkles to the icing making the glass look a lot more interesting
- Add a fizzy drink of chose, you can use anything I used a cloudy lemonade
- Add an ice cream of chose and you are done!

Like I said it is super easy and perfect for being in the summer sun which we are having the Britain at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed something a little different from my blog and thanks for reading!



  1. This looks amazing, I want one right now haha!

  2. Looks so nice! Love the idea of the icing as well - it's been so hot recently that this is needed! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte