Thursday, 10 July 2014

Lush - Angels on bare skin*

My skin is pretty horrible. I've suffered from acne for as long as I can remember and am always looking for different products whether natural or not to get me skin looking its best.

I really like the concept of this product. I simply take a small piece in my hand and add water to make it into a paste. Then massage it onto the face with my finger tips and wash off! I repeat this about twice a week.

I found it to be quite a mild cleanser so im not going to say its a wonder product which improved all my blemishes. However it is a nice little product as I found it very healing and calming. I love the smell of this product though. It smells incredibly fresh with lots of lavender flowers being added to the product.  However if you don't really like the smell of lavender you probably wont enjoy this. The product I found to really soften my skin, making it feel refreshed. I strongly believe in what it says, It does gently exfoliate and removes dirt. I also found that it didn't dry out my skin which is always a plus.

Have you tired it? what's your thoughts? 

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