Sunday, 31 August 2014

End of blogust!!

I have had an amazing time blogging every day in august and I really hope anyone who read along did too. Blogging every day has turned my little blog around and now there is more then 400 of you reading it, I would  like to say a big thank you to everyone who has commented and liked over the month! Of course im not going to stop blogging and I have so much more planned and scheduled coming up over the next couple of weeks so don't be going anywhere!

Im not going to lie this month has been stressful, trying to blog on holiday is not a good idea, especially when my laptop had a unexpected turn for the worst half way through. However (minus a few blimps) I managed to get most posts up and ready for you on time.

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Starting College / Sixth Form

Its getting close to the point were lots of people will be moving up from school and GCSES to college to start A levels. So as a apart of blogust I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to sit down and talk about what to expect from college life and the differences to school. If you have any-other questions on college or such like don't be scared to ask!

Sixth Form or College?
Personally I went to an independent sixth form college meaning it is not attached to a school but unlike a normal college it is more A level based learning. I'm not going to sit here and tell you should do that because I found it to be the best option but I will say I left my school because I did not really like school when there and was ready for change. I also found talking to some older friends that it cuts out the a very big leap to uni. By staying at my sixth form I felt I would be making the gap to Uni far to big to deal with. Furthermore personally I felt like if I went to college I would know that my teachers  would be there for me all of the time when only looking after 2 years rather then being there for 7. However many people find sixth form is best for them and im not going to argue with that. What I will say is you have to look round. I have some friends that stayed at my sixth form that never looked to go anywhere different. I could never do that, my advice is go to every open night, college fair or induction you can in order to find the place best for you. You don't want to be missing out in the future.

What to wear 
Deciding what to wear on a daily basis when starting sixth form or College is always a big thing to adjust from. Different from the US, British  students have had a school uniform all your life so this big change can make some people go a little crazy with their outfits. Its all well exploring your style a little more when moving to a new place however its important to remain comfortable especially when you get closer to exams. I recommend investing in some key pieces that will last all year and then do a big Primark shop ect to get lots of basics. Invest in good statement jewellery that can dress up a very basic outfit and a good bag that will last the whole year. A few bags of mine broke last year which meant I ended up wasting money.

I think the biggest thing that scares people when moving to college is making friends. Although I was lucky to move up with an amazing group of 4 girlie's from my old school, its still scary. However from a college point of view there is so many people and all of them feel exactly the same as you do. In the first couple of weeks, trust me you will make friends in your lessons because you literally have no one else to talk to. As well as people in your tutor ect.  Our college also had a introduction day were you did silly team building stuff to get to know people. It was stupid however you make friends by laughing at what the hell you are doing.

Growing up 
The main difference I found between GCSE and A levels is how much more grown up you become. There is so much more independent learning compared to GCSE to prepare for university.The work load compared to GCSE is MASSIVE! I know lots of people always say that GCSE's are easy compared to Alevels and I always use to get annoyed when people said that when doing my GCSE's. There is times when you will procrastinate however you cant blag your way through A levels, you will need to do the work to a high standard to have a chance of getting the good grades.

I'm not sure what other colleges this point applies  to but at my college we actually call your teachers by their first names. Although its really weird to get use to at first I found it so much easier as you really get to trust and know your teachers.

Free periods and Support sessions 

Most colleges will have free periods or morning / afternoon off. If I only have one tip it would be don't waste them! I'm not saying spend every single free period in the library because you need some time to breath but especially closer to exams you will have to spend them catching up on work and revising. As for support sessions my college ran support sessions for most subjects from September.  If you are offered a support session especially before exams then take it! Its a chance to get one and one with teachers and give yourself a better chance at exams. There is no point in not going and putting yourself at a disadvantage.

So I will talk about subjects as a whole and then ill go into more detail on my own subjects. Basically the gap bewteen GCSEs and A levels, even though talked about a lot, can not be over looked. You will have to spend hours a week revising and recapping to come out with decent grades. Compared to GCSE your teacher will expect you to do all the work yourself. They wont just hand you all the information you need to get an A. You will have to do further reading to reach the best possible grades.

Biology - (My exam board being AQA)
I know some people who might be reading this might think I'm a bit stupid however I was close to dropping Biology at the start of the year. I felt like I was thrown in at the deep end as looking back maybe I didn't have the right mind set at GCSE. However even if you find a subject really hard to begin with most times I would say stick with it, work hard and get the grade. Towards the end of the year I really began to enjoy Biology and now am going to to study it at A2 and a degree with references to it. To get to that stage though I did have to work really hard. I spent endless nights doing past papers and going to every revision and support session put on by the department.

Pyschology - (Exam board Edexcel)
I really enjoyed Psychology, I love the subject but there is a lot of information to learn. Depending on your exam board I found that as soon as you got the basic structure for answering questions in your head the rest should fall into place. There is a lot of case studies and theories to learn so you really need to be organised in psychology folders otherwise its very easy to mix up the different units.

History - (Exam board OCR)
Unlike GCSE there is ALOT of information for History. There is a lot of background reading and the paper is just 4 long answer questions. However it is a really interesting lesson. Last year I studied Cold war in Asia and The British empire 1815 - 1918. Even though I am dropping the subject next year to pick up Geography AS, I did enjoy the lesson however the work load like every other A level is very high.

Business - (Exam Board AQA)
I didn't have the best time in business last year however this is not down to the lesson but my Teacher only being in for half the year due to illness. I enjoyed the actual course however and I think its the type of subjects that will benefit all career paths.

If you have any questions about starting don't be scared  to ask! And if you have any other tips please leave them in the comments below!

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Friday, 29 August 2014

poundland makeup #2

Since my last poundland make-up post I've found myself often popping in for a look round. As you can see ive picked up a few bargains which im very happy with!

Loreal infallible eye shadows  - normally retail for £6.99 each 

Rimmel scandaleyes eye paint  - Normally retail for £4.99 each 

Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner  - Normally retail for £3.99 each 

Therefore if it was all bought individually it would come to £38.93 however I obviously paid £7. Just like in my last post  I found there was nothing wrong with the products, they all work just as well as if I bought them from boots or superdrug. My particular favourite of this little haul has to be the scandal eyes. After picking one up from Poundland last month I was very pleased to find more colours from the range in stock.

Whats your opinion on poundland make-up? Have you found some amazing finds?

Read my first poundland make-up haul here 

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Thursday, 28 August 2014


If you read my blog you will know I spent the last week in Rotterdam. I had a wonderful time mainly as its a place very close to my heart.  Rotterdam is a very beautiful city that I visit most years for the Christmas markets. However we normally do a 'Dutch dash' which means you travel on the ferries for one night spend the day in Rotterdam ect then travel back on the next night. Being from Hull its very easy to do this for a quick weekend away. 

However this week we did it a little different. Just 3 days after Malta (blog post here) we hoped on a ferry to Rotterdam to spend a week sightseeing and shopping. We spent 4 full days there not including days spent travelling. It was really nice to get out and see some more of Rotterdam as every-time ive been before we've only been there for a day.

Whilst there we ate some gorgeous food, saw the typical sight seeing spots as well as some other little wonders. I have actually written a separate post on our Rotterdam apartment here which you can have a nosey round if you wish to.

So this is the end of my mini month of travel, have you been anywhere nice this year?

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Blogger interviews #7 - Fatiima patel

 This weeks blogger interview was with Fatiima Patel from A little blog life.

What is your blog called and what is it about? 
My blog is mainly based around Beauty & Fashion as I love experimenting with makeup and trying new products! I also love fashion and mixing items to suit my liking!
Go check out my blog would really appreciate it!

Why did you want to start your blog?
I initially started my blog when I was bored. However, I did think of starting a blog before that just because I was inspired by other people’s blogs! Not only this, before I decided to join the blogging community I used to find my self going on other fashion/beauty blogs to maybe see reviews on different products which helped me out a lot. So the idea of me being able to help someone else out is something which makes me happy J  The best thing is that you can socially interact with other bloggers and make more new friends through the blogging community!

What’s some other blogs you like and where do you take inspiration from?
 I actually read a lot of different blogs and I think that there are so many talented bloggers out there! A few of my favourites are also youtubers!
I love reading Zoella’s blogs and also Tanya Burrs. I just think that the way the blog is written is in a very nice format and the use of language is chatty but formal at the same time. Oh and I also LOVE Hannah Maggs! She is an awesome youtuber with a cute baby named Grayson and I also love her blogs!

I take my inspiration of other bloggers and I try to add my own stamp on it just so that it is more me! I love looking at fashion lookbooks and ways people style different pieces of clothing. I take inspiration and change it around so it fits my styleJ

What are you hoping for in the future?
Well…in the future I will hopefully continue being a blogger and I hope to be a successful blogger! I just started my blog recently but I would love to grow and develop as a blogger as it will help me to become a better writer and also socialise and meet new people through my blogs!

What’s any / all your social media links so any readers can find you?
I do have ways which you can connect with me through social media so be sure to follow me J
Twitter :_ @fatiimapatel
Instagram:- alittlebloglife
I Have also just made a Bloglovin account so come follow me there aswell J

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers and make sure you check my blog out and come join me on my journey of blogging!
Much Love

Monday, 25 August 2014

Rotterdam Apartment tour

Whilst in Rotterdam (blogpost coming soon) we stayed in a beautiful apartment. This post is something I  never thought I would do on my blog however the view and apartment were stunning so I thought I would be a waste not to blog about it.

 The apartment was amazing! The view being the best. Being located centrally the views were spectacular especially at sunset. Sitting outside on a night watching the sun set over the city was truly beautiful. Then even when not outside full length windows mean you always have something to look at. The apartment also had a great layout and interior design. Even if not staying on the penthouse, the minimalist yet modern comfort layout is great for anyone staying there. It also had everything you could need plus more for a week long stay, big enough bedrooms, fully supplied kitchen ect.

I would love to stay again!

Thanks for reading,  Remember im blogging everyday in August!