Monday, 11 August 2014

Blogger interviews #5 - Yige from Yet another beauty blog

Its week 5 and this week I interviewed Yige from yet another make-up blog, Enjoy! 

What is your blog called and what is it about? (please put a URL
I have a blog called Yet Another Makeup Blog (, and my posts are mostly beauty related, since that's what I'm interested in. However I do like to write a few lifestyle/chit-chatty posts now and then, just to make my blog feel more personal and "homey".

Why did you want to start your blog?
  I think my answer will be similar to pretty much every other beauty blogger, but I started my blog because I was really into makeup and things like that. But about a week before I actually started my blog, I didn't even know that blogging was a "thing", because in my head  I'd still imagined blogging to be boring and quite 90's.

What’s some other blogs you like and where do you take inspiration from?
 I take inspiration from pretty much every blog I see, and there are a TON of bloggers whom I absolutely love so I won't make a massive long list here.

 What are you hoping for in the future?
 Hopefully I won't stop blogging in the future because of things like school or jobs- I enjoy blogging so much right now that I can't even imagine what kind of massive obstacle will stop me from doing it. Also I would love for the quality of my posts to improve as well, that goes for pictures and trying out new content! Lastly I really hope to connect with more bloggers, which is what I'm working on right now!

What’s any / all your social media links so any readers can find you?
E-mail :
Twitter :

I hoped you enjoyed getting to know Yige a bit better and make sure you go across to her blog!

Thanks for reading!

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