Saturday, 31 May 2014

Schwarzkopf essence ultime diamond colour illuminating oil

I've gone very basic on the face and eye make-up today so lets just focus on the hair!

Somebody asked me the other day at college what I use on my hair, along with a long list of products that I love, I had to say this beauty. I'm currently on the 4th bottle of the 'Schwartzkopf essence ultimate diamond colour illuminating oil' which is big for me as I never often repurchase a product so much.

I normally use this product at least once a day when styling my hair however I also use before washing due to my Ombre hair needing extra protection.

The product has definitely  protected my colour from fading as my ombre, although fading slightly, has lasted a good couple of months.It also leaves my hair  feeling and looking noticeably soft and shiny.

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Friday, 30 May 2014

Stila smudge pot - Kitten

Just before I start talking about this product, I know mine is very dirty and messy! However it shows its been well used.

Although this is meant as an eye-liner, I bought it also to wear as an eye-shadow. However have ended up using it as a  face highlighter, in the  inner corner or on the brow bone.

As much as I use this product however I am aware of how difficult it is to work with and I am looking for a better alternative. The consistency is a lot dryer then other product such as MAC pigments and does not blend easily as its a lot more crumbly. The effect although is beautiful and can be a lot quicker to apply compared to other choices. It's a stunning pinky shimmery champagne colour that's very flattering. It also has a very long wearability and highly pigmented which is good for the price tag of £13.

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Going out outfits on the cheap - (2)

This is the second post of my 'Going out outfits on the cheap', this time consisting of a beautiful pair of shorts from Matalan that were only £8. Compared to somewhere like Zara were they would be something around £30 /£40 , the quality is still amazing. I know this outfit is less going out and more christening or a wedding outfit but lets just go with it.

Outfit 2 

SHORTS - Matalan  - £8
TOP -  Dorothy Perkins - £4 - sale 
HEELS - Deichmann -£12.99
BAG - Next - £12
LIPSTICK - Lasting finish by Kate lipstick in 110 - Rimmel - £5.49

I really love having a bright outfit then matching shoes and my bag together. Id also just like to say how becuase I am very tall (5ft10) im not a fan of huge heels due to feeling a bit 'manish'. Therefore normally whatever heels I do show will not be amazingly high.

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Going out outfits on the cheap - (1)

I know Matalan isn't exactly the first place young people think of today when shopping. However on multiple occasions my mother has dragged me in for a 'quick' look around and ive actually spent a bit of money and found some clothes I really love.

The latest two items to add the the collection I have found a way to dress up which I love so thought I would share. To make it even better ive chosen items of clothing bought on the cheap to pair them with so there is no need to splash out on these outfits at all.  This post will be on these extremely comfy yet beautiful trousers then, then second post will come later.

Outfit 1

TROUSERS - Matalan  - £12
BLACK CROP TOP - H&M - £1.99
BLACK HEELS - Internacionale - £15
BAG - Primark (a couple years old)
WATCH - Next 
LIPSTICK - MUA - shade 5 - £1 ( I said I would do it on the cheap)

I really love this outfit but now I just need somewhere to wear it to!

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Bedroom inspiration


My family have plans to be moving in the future so naturally I turned straight to tumblr to start looking for new bedroom inspiration. My 'tumblr and pinterest bedroom pics' folder on my laptop has grown quite a lot so I thought I would share a few that im really going to take inspiration from and try and incorporate into my new room.

I really want a vintage / shabby chic / hipster type room so trying to put all of them three together is going to be hard but im determined. Fairy lights these days are an obvious must  but the perfect dressing table is going to be a bit harder to create. One thing im definitely going to take on board though is large mirrors as they really do open up your room making it look a lot bigger.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Sleek blush palette - Lace - Review

About a month ago I spotted this beautiful blush palette in Superdrug. That palette did get left somewhere in Florida when I was on holiday but I did pick another one up the other day so thought I would do a review while it still looks clean and exceptable.

The packaging I really like to start with. Its is very strong and durable, which you don't normally get with a high street brand. As well as looking like a more high end brand due to the 'sleek' and uncluttered look. It also contains a huge mirror which is very helpful for on the go touch ups.

In the trio there is 2 matte colours and 1 shimmery, so has a good range depending on your skin type. (im not a fan of shimmery blushers with my oily skin)

From the left to right  the colours are Crochet, Guipure and chantilly. Crochet is a very vibrant orange. Guipure is a shimmery lighter pink with slight flickers of gold. Lastly Chantilly is a bright matte coral depending on the lightly it can look more red / pink. I do tend to use the  pink colours more as im not really a huge fan of orange blusher all the time. However the orange is still nice to use every now and again.

The colours are very highly pigmented and buildable for a more intense look. However they are extremely pigmented so be careful when applying as you could end up with a slight clown look.Start off the the tiniest amount when applying.

Overall its an absolutely loving palette and is perfect for just day to day or buildable for a intense night look.The price makes the product even better however, for £9.99 for 3 great, usable and highly pigmented blushers. The colours are also a wide range so perfect as a basic day to day set.

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*this review was originally posted on my old blog, however ive reposted onto this new one*

Burts Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream

I bought this product last year when I was in Florida. However after splashing out a bit on quite a few products that are a lot cheaper over there or we cant find as easily in the UK, I seemed to completely forget about it. When having a good clean out a couple of months ago I decided to give it ago and haven't looked back. I have very acne prone, sensitive red skin and have spent many years, products and money trying to sort it out. I'm not going to say this product is perfect and wonderful but using it alongside other products has really helped my skin start to sort itself out.

It has really helped with my sensitive skin also and after use leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. It also really moisturises my face making you feel all  clean and renewed afterwards. 

Unlike most foaming cleansers I use to like, like the body shop tea tree foaming cleanser, this one is a lot more creamy meaning its not as drying out which is the main thing when finding the perfect skin routine 

I've always liked Burt's Bees products for there natural ingredients and their great results you always get and this product has not disappointed.

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