Saturday, 31 May 2014

Schwarzkopf essence ultime diamond colour illuminating oil

I've gone very basic on the face and eye make-up today so lets just focus on the hair!

Somebody asked me the other day at college what I use on my hair, along with a long list of products that I love, I had to say this beauty. I'm currently on the 4th bottle of the 'Schwartzkopf essence ultimate diamond colour illuminating oil' which is big for me as I never often repurchase a product so much.

I normally use this product at least once a day when styling my hair however I also use before washing due to my Ombre hair needing extra protection.

The product has definitely  protected my colour from fading as my ombre, although fading slightly, has lasted a good couple of months.It also leaves my hair  feeling and looking noticeably soft and shiny.

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