Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Recent chilled music loves

Normally my music taste is very varied! I  enjoy anything from rock to indie pop to musicals and Disney songs if im in the right mood. However as this month has already consisted of  8 AS level exams and I have 2 more coming up next week, my chilled playlist hasn't stopped. 

One of my major loves is a boy called Jackson Perkins. I actually sent Jackson a bit of a fan girl email a couple of months ago after listening to one of his live shows and loving him for a few years. It might be said I was little excited when I received a lovely email back, a tweet and a re tweet and a favourite. He has an amazing talent and deserves so many more subscribers. BIG LOVE.


Another big love is these boys who ive also loved for a long time, and was extremely shocked when I heard them on radio 1 the other day. 

Perfect revision music from both of them!

Thanks for reading and listening!


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