Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Lancome - Hypnose doll eyes mascara

I've been loving this mascara for a while now and has recently taken over from my benefit they're real mascara for day to day wear.

Personally I love this mascara for lengthening and separating my lashes as it kind of lacks in its ability to curl them. However this doesn't really bother me as much as some other reviews ive read. By using a couple of coats you can easily create a very dramatic look with the advantage of it being very easy and tidy to apply, especially bottom lashes due to the shape of the wand. As always im forever a sucker for good packaging and I love this one too.

On the downside however the price is a bit of a problem being on a student budget as well as the fact it dries out rather quickly compared to most other mascaras ive tried. Being £22.50 (boots) and drying up every 2-3 months I really do have to save a bit to repurchase. 

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*on the rest of my face I only have on foundation and a Revlon shadow through my eyebrows* 

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