Sunday, 5 July 2015


After 2 long, hard yet amazing years doing A-levels with my best friends we finally got to celebrate the end of college at Prom.

It was a great night filled with bit too much alcohol and these 4 beautiful people I am lucky enough to call my best friends.

Dress - Dorothy Perkins - sale 
Bag - Goerge at Asda 
Shoes - New Look 
Watch - Next 


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Primark OOTD


Flower crown -£4
Top - Sale  £3
Skirt - £8

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Primark jumpsuit OOTD

Being tall is a major issue when buying items like maxi dresses or jumpsuits unless you search through the tall section. When on one of my many primark shopping sprees the other day I fell in love with this floral jumpsuit which is only £13. Knowing it probably wouldn't fit, I went to go try it on anyway just in case. Surprisingly even being 5ft 10" tall the jumpsuit actually fit.

Shoes - NewLook
Watch - Next 
Ring / Bracelet - Primark 
Nacklace - Primark 

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Poundland haul #3 (and FOTD)

*Products present in selfie*

Ive already posted 2 pound land hauls on my blog so this seems to be becoming a regular item on here. In my first pound land haul I explained how I've never found any faulty products as some people do experience after finding some hidden gems in there such as Rimmel and Stila. The same has occurred on another little trip I made in there the other day. None of the products I've found were dried up or damaged in anyway shape or form. 

The most exciting product I found was the Rimmel scandal eyes liquid eyeliner. (For course all of these products were only £1) I also found another CK eyeshadow in a beautiful burgundy purple colour.  Ive already got 3 of these from a pervious pound land visit and I have been using them regularly since then. They use to retail for £11 but have now been discontinued hence there presence in poundland shops. I also found a beautiful Barry M magnetic nail polish which has been a nice addition to my already out of control nail polish collection. Lastly I pick up two more Rimmel products, a scandaleyes waterproof kohl eyeliner pencil in Nude and a Rimmel lipliner in Red diva 24.

Usual selling price 

Rimmel scandal eyes liquid eyeliner - £5.49
CK eyeshadows - (now discontinued ) did use to retail for £11
Barry M magnetic nail polish - £4.99
Rimmel eyeliner - £3.99
Rimmel lipliner - £3.99

Therefore the cost of all these products would result in a total spend of £29.46 in comparison to the £5 I spent.

My first poundland haul - Click here
Second poundland haul - Click here

Whats your opinion on buying pound land makeup?

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

The perks of the job

Where-ever you work theres always the occasional perks to the job. From work the other day I managed to pick up these products for 20p each due to them being samples and where no longer needed. Meaning all the employees had a chance to get in and pick up a few things.

Ive been particuly wanting to try the bourjois rouge edition velvet lipsticks. This was the perfect chance to give then a quick try and so far I'm loving them. They usually retail for £8.99.

I love the occasional perk to the job.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

MAC lipstick - Hot Gossip

Whenever I'm investing in high end lipsticks, I tend to go for more bold and bright colours. However the other day I picked up MAC's Creamsheen lipstick in Hot Gossip.
Hot Gossip is a nude pink with a hint of plum. It is a lipstick which is defiantly more for day to day use and is now a staple in my everyday makeup bag.
I really love the  'creamsheen' lipsticks, as I have another in my collection, sweet & sour, which I love. They are a really moisturising lipstick and have a creamy texture which isn't sticky but is long lasting.
As with all MAC lipsticks it smells divine, a subtle sweet vanilla smell which isn't over powering. 

Do you have Hot Gossip? Whats your opinion?

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Estee Lauder lip lacquer in Hot Cherry

After looking through my collection I found that the Estee Lauder pure colour high intensity lip lacquer in Hot Cherry has been my most loved this month. I love this collection from Estee Lauder and am always swatching them whenever possible. The red is a very vibrant cherry red with shimmer, the kind of colour everyone needs in collection.

The product itself is very pigmented and last all day or night. It is very thick which I normally don't really like in a gloss however it isn't sticky at all. I love the shiny finish it leaves on your lips especially as they are relevantly easy to apply compared to other similar types of products. Overall a beautiful product.

They retail for around £19.50 which for a high end lip product I don't mind paying.

Have you got any of this collection?  What do you think?

Thanks for reading!