Thursday, 11 June 2015

Poundland haul #3 (and FOTD)

*Products present in selfie*

Ive already posted 2 pound land hauls on my blog so this seems to be becoming a regular item on here. In my first pound land haul I explained how I've never found any faulty products as some people do experience after finding some hidden gems in there such as Rimmel and Stila. The same has occurred on another little trip I made in there the other day. None of the products I've found were dried up or damaged in anyway shape or form. 

The most exciting product I found was the Rimmel scandal eyes liquid eyeliner. (For course all of these products were only £1) I also found another CK eyeshadow in a beautiful burgundy purple colour.  Ive already got 3 of these from a pervious pound land visit and I have been using them regularly since then. They use to retail for £11 but have now been discontinued hence there presence in poundland shops. I also found a beautiful Barry M magnetic nail polish which has been a nice addition to my already out of control nail polish collection. Lastly I pick up two more Rimmel products, a scandaleyes waterproof kohl eyeliner pencil in Nude and a Rimmel lipliner in Red diva 24.

Usual selling price 

Rimmel scandal eyes liquid eyeliner - £5.49
CK eyeshadows - (now discontinued ) did use to retail for £11
Barry M magnetic nail polish - £4.99
Rimmel eyeliner - £3.99
Rimmel lipliner - £3.99

Therefore the cost of all these products would result in a total spend of £29.46 in comparison to the £5 I spent.

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Whats your opinion on buying pound land makeup?

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  1. Wow, I had never even thought about browsing Poundland for my beauty buys! It'll deffo be first on my list now though - thanks for the tip! Angharad xx