Sunday, 28 December 2014


If you haven't already read my previous blog post on clothes show live you can have a look here!

I had a great time at clothes show live and as per usual spent way too much money on stuff I really do not need. I feel like in this post the pictures really do a lot of the talking, however I was mainly in the search for bargains when I was there and picked up some really  nice dresses at really cheap prices. I also fell in love with the pair of black Levi shorts which were only £15!

Every year I buy the models own goodie bag for just £10 as its always a winner. You get any 3 full sized products of your choice as well as a really good goody bag which I love.

Did you get any good bargains at clothes show live?

What did you think of the day if you went?

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Every year when I head to clothes show live, I always end up coming home with no money and lots of new products and clothes that I really do not need in my life. Clothes show live 2014 went down pretty much the same as my previous visits.

If you don't know what clothes show live is its basically a massive fashion and beauty convention with celebrity guests, designer to vintage clothing stalls, makeup bargains and a catwalk full of both up and coming and established designers.

Unlike most years, when I use to go with my old school, my friends and I booked a coach trip down to Birmingham which included travel, entry and tickets to the catwalk for a bargain price.

The whole day was amazing so ive split this post into three. This one consisting of just photos of the day, pictures of the catwalk show and a haul post which should come later in the week.

Have you been to clothes show? What do you think of the day?

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