Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Sleek blush palette - Lace - Review

About a month ago I spotted this beautiful blush palette in Superdrug. That palette did get left somewhere in Florida when I was on holiday but I did pick another one up the other day so thought I would do a review while it still looks clean and exceptable.

The packaging I really like to start with. Its is very strong and durable, which you don't normally get with a high street brand. As well as looking like a more high end brand due to the 'sleek' and uncluttered look. It also contains a huge mirror which is very helpful for on the go touch ups.

In the trio there is 2 matte colours and 1 shimmery, so has a good range depending on your skin type. (im not a fan of shimmery blushers with my oily skin)

From the left to right  the colours are Crochet, Guipure and chantilly. Crochet is a very vibrant orange. Guipure is a shimmery lighter pink with slight flickers of gold. Lastly Chantilly is a bright matte coral depending on the lightly it can look more red / pink. I do tend to use the  pink colours more as im not really a huge fan of orange blusher all the time. However the orange is still nice to use every now and again.

The colours are very highly pigmented and buildable for a more intense look. However they are extremely pigmented so be careful when applying as you could end up with a slight clown look.Start off the the tiniest amount when applying.

Overall its an absolutely loving palette and is perfect for just day to day or buildable for a intense night look.The price makes the product even better however, for £9.99 for 3 great, usable and highly pigmented blushers. The colours are also a wide range so perfect as a basic day to day set.

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*this review was originally posted on my old blog, however ive reposted onto this new one*

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  1. I got this blush a few months back and love it :) The pigmentation is amazing, sleek can really do no wrong! Love this post, your pictures look amazing :) x