Sunday, 17 August 2014

A baragin outfit of the day

I am a sucker for a good bargain! I could easily buy all my clothes from sales or such like as I hate spending so much money on one piece of clothing. I wore this outfit the other day just to go shopping as its the perfect casual day to night outfit. I found tights were probably needed as yes its summer however in the UK its hardly ever sunbathing whether, which most of you would know.

The outfit:
Dress - Primark - £5
Tights - Primark 
Shoes - Goerge at ASDA - £8!! ( bargain)

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  1. This is a lovely OOTD, Bright yet simple!

  2. Your heels are gorgeous! I love the place you took this outfit too, it's a great background! ;)

    Every Day In Grace

  3. this is such a cute look! i adore your hair too

    from helen at

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  4. You look beautiful. I'm also buying clothes on sales. In that way I can buy more clothes for less money what is pretty great. This outfit is so cute. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions