Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Blogger interviews #7 - Fatiima patel

 This weeks blogger interview was with Fatiima Patel from A little blog life.

What is your blog called and what is it about? 
My blog is mainly based around Beauty & Fashion as I love experimenting with makeup and trying new products! I also love fashion and mixing items to suit my liking!
Go check out my blog would really appreciate it!

Why did you want to start your blog?
I initially started my blog when I was bored. However, I did think of starting a blog before that just because I was inspired by other people’s blogs! Not only this, before I decided to join the blogging community I used to find my self going on other fashion/beauty blogs to maybe see reviews on different products which helped me out a lot. So the idea of me being able to help someone else out is something which makes me happy J  The best thing is that you can socially interact with other bloggers and make more new friends through the blogging community!

What’s some other blogs you like and where do you take inspiration from?
 I actually read a lot of different blogs and I think that there are so many talented bloggers out there! A few of my favourites are also youtubers!
I love reading Zoella’s blogs and also Tanya Burrs. I just think that the way the blog is written is in a very nice format and the use of language is chatty but formal at the same time. Oh and I also LOVE Hannah Maggs! She is an awesome youtuber with a cute baby named Grayson and I also love her blogs!

I take my inspiration of other bloggers and I try to add my own stamp on it just so that it is more me! I love looking at fashion lookbooks and ways people style different pieces of clothing. I take inspiration and change it around so it fits my styleJ

What are you hoping for in the future?
Well…in the future I will hopefully continue being a blogger and I hope to be a successful blogger! I just started my blog recently but I would love to grow and develop as a blogger as it will help me to become a better writer and also socialise and meet new people through my blogs!

What’s any / all your social media links so any readers can find you?
I do have ways which you can connect with me through social media so be sure to follow me J
Twitter :_ @fatiimapatel
Instagram:- alittlebloglife
I Have also just made a Bloglovin account so come follow me there aswell J

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers and make sure you check my blog out and come join me on my journey of blogging!
Much Love


  1. Love the facts! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hiya, I love this style of blog post, it was great to read :) also, I love your blog!! xx

  3. I used to always read blog reviews too, and that's one of the reasons I got into blogging! :)

    Hey Alicia, can I be a part of these interview series too? I've emailed you a while ago but I don't know if you got it...My email is everydayingrace@gmail.com if you want to reply!

    Every Day In Grace