Monday, 18 August 2014


For the past week I have actually been blogging from the gorgeous Malta, which if you read my blog or follow me on twitter you will already know. The whether was beautiful, the sites wonderful and food to die for. We stayed in the hotel fortina which was a prefect sea front hotel with the view over Valletta which is shown in some of the pictures (top picture for example)

I had a wonderful week in the sun. Malta is a beautiful little island with a lot of history and things to see and do if your not just a sit by the pool type person like I am. I always fell like if you go anywhere you have to see the sites and experience the culture and not just sit by the pool or at the beach for the whole day. If you are going to Malta I highly recommend two things that we did. We did a 'Hop on hop off' bus which is a tour bus with commentary which stops on all the sites around the Island. They run every Half an hour so you can get off whenever and hop on the next bus. We stopped at a like fishing village for dinner then hopped back on to the 'Blue grotto' a beautiful place to go snorkelling and swimming (if you cant tell from the pictures im a bit of a swimmer). Another thing we did was the boat cruise travelling between all 3 Maltese islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino) We had a lovely tour of Gozo, made extra special as we did it on the day of a festival and bank holiday, then went on to cruise to the Blue Lagoon, a beautiful clear blue sea area where we went boat diving and snorkelling.

The travel posts will not stop here though as I am off on a ferry in 2 days time heading for Holland, so more posts to come! I also have a Malta haul coming so make sure you are following for that!

Some credit dose have to go to my brother as some of the pictures do belong to him.

Thanks for reading, Im blogging everyday in August (two post didn't seem to automatically post while I was  away but I will post them soon) read the first post here!



  1. It looks so lovely, your pictures are gorgeous! I also prefer getting out and seeing the sights to sitting around by the pool all day. Hope you had a great holiday! x
    Maddie //

  2. These are some great photos and I love the dark blue patterned shorts you're wearing.

  3. Stunning photos. I went to Malta in June and had an incredible time. Like you, I definitely think it's important to get a bit of culture into my travels, lying on a beach just isn't for me! I've got a post about my own time in Malta waiting as a draft until I have a slot on my blog to publish it :) Enjoy your time in Holland! Jennifer xxx

  4. Them photos look great! your skort is beautiful, keep up the good work alicia

    Jennos Health.

    1. Thank you, The skort is Topshop if you are wondering!