Monday, 11 August 2014

The girl behind the blog - Q&A #1

Its day 11 of blogging every day in august and I thought I would do a little get to know the girl behind the blog Q&A!

What is your Favourite book?
I am in fact dyslexic which although isn't really an excuse, it means I really do have to love a book to keep reading as I am an extremely slow reader! I'm quite a typical fan girl as I love the divergent / hunger games series or anything John green like most girls.

What is your Favourite film?

Disney wise I love the little mermaid and lady and the tramp. However I like anything, I love anything really sci-fi to comedies.Although I do have a bit of an obsession with the Hobbit movies and such like.

What is your Favourite TV show?
I am the biggest fan girl. Doctor who and Sherlock are basically all I watch which means if  I am ever on tumblr 98% of the time im on a tag related to them then 2% of the time normal tumblr type things. I probably own more fandom doctor who t shirts then more fashion tops. At the moment im also loving Orange is the new black, its amazing!

What is your star sign?

I am a  leo. Which means 'You too are a centre of dynamic energy and exhibit the qualities of the Sun in full measure. You are warm, bright and self-aware'   'you want to make an impression in everything you do—in work, in love and in your social life as well'   'In friendship you give your all and expect the same in return. People know you as a genuine friend who is always ready to give a hand'   'You are a born leader and others naturally look up to you for guidance and security'   'You are a born leader and others naturally look up to you for guidance and security' - I feel like I need to go and ask some friends and probably my boyfriend if this is actually true!

Favourite Season?
Autumn definitely! everything Autumn I love the fashion and its the start of hot chocolates, laptop, sweater and bed weather!

Any current favourite songs/ artists? 

Do you believe in ghosts?
I have experienced a ghostly happening even if some people don't believe me but that is a completely different story.

Any siblings?
I have one younger brother, unlike most siblings I could easily say he is one of my best friends. (how sad is that)

What are you currently studying?
I'm currently starting a2. At AS I studied biology, psychology, history and business and this year I have dropped up history. In September I hope to pick up geography as an AS.

What do you want to do with your life?
Currently im looking into doing animal conservation or zoology at uni.

Whats your height?
I am very tall for a girl, 5 ft 10!

So that's a few little questions answered, I would like to carry on this little Q&A feature as I got a lot of great response after posting more personal get to know me posts! Therefore if you have any questions don't be afraid to comment or tweet them to me @Aliciadeyes. I want to hear your answers to the questions too, to get to know you lovely reader a bit more!

I'm blogging everyday in August! Read the first post here!

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