Saturday, 9 August 2014

Its my Birthday and goodbye England

Okay this post is a lie it was actually was my birthday yesterday. I spent the day with family, at the YUM food festival (blog post here) and having a meal with some of my favourite girls, it was a great day. I am not one to do a birthday haul however I am very thankful for everything I was very kindly given by everyone, I love everything and am very grateful.

I spent the whole day however waiting for today, as it around 3 hours time I will be heading off to Malta. As I am blogging everyday in August, the next couple of  post are scheduled and ready to go.As much as I love blogger however id like to apologise if blogger fails me and the posts do not go up on time, but they will all be uploaded when I get back!

If you are not up to date with all my blogust posts then have a look through as I am aware todays posts is not very interesting!

There is a lot more coming up on my blog over the week  am away so make sure you are following and enjoy!!

Thanks for reading,



  1. Have fun in Malta! I've been enjoying Blogust so far, thanks for continuing! :)

    Every Day In Grace

    1. Thank you! It great to know its being enjoyed :)

  2. Happy Birthday! (for yesterday) and have a great time in Malta

  3. hope you had a lovely birthday and have an amazing time in Malta!