Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Liebster Award

I've read posts about the Liebster award by lots of different people and thought it was the cutest idea. I love the blogging community as everyone is so welcoming and lovely and this award proves that. Liebster awards, meaning kindest, sweetest, lovely, kind and valued in German, are given to up and coming bloggers with followers under the 200 mark.  I was so honoured to receive the award by:

I am VERY thankful to everyone that has nominated as it means a lot for me and my little blog. However I feel like 66 sets of questions would be a lot for one post. Therefore as much as I would love to answer them all, ive decided to only do the first set given to me by Katriona and Julie.

The rules are:

1. You must link back to the blogger(s) that nominated you.
2. You must list 11 random facts about yourself.
3. You must answer 11 questions given to you by the blogger that nominated you.
4. You must then nominate 11 fellow bloggers with under 200 followers and give them 11 questions of your choice. (
I was unsure whether to go off bloglovin or Google followers so some may have more then 200 followers on bloglovin for example but less then that on Google friends connect)
5. You must not nominate the blogger who nominated you.
6. You must let your nominees know that they have been nominated, and link them to your post so that they can learn about it.

My 11 facts:

   - I am the VERY proud owner of a blue peter badge
- I am a qualified gymnastics coach 
- My little brother is probably like my best friend 
- Im currently doing my A levels 
- I want to go into animal conservation  in the future 
- I wrote a blog for a year and a half but decided to take it down and start again a fresh
- I am a complete nerd and am obsessed with Doctor who and Sherlock 
- I am currently studying Biology, Psychology, Business and Geography 
- I have a cat called Louie
- I am taking a gap year to travel 
- My current most played song is probably anything Radical face because im obsessing over them at the minute

The questions I was set:

1. Are you a one directioner?
Sadly not, just not my type of music! 
2. Guys with stubble or no stubble?
I think it depends on the person, some boys suit it some don't!
3. What's your favourite thing about being a blogger?
The blog meets and the great community. I recently bite the bullet and went to a blog meet and you get to meet so many lovely people and have an opportunity that you would never really experience.
4. What's your guilty pleasure?
oh good there is so many movies that I really shouldn't love but I do!
5. Five weird facts about you?
- I own more famdom tops then fashion tops 
- I day dream way too much
-I am probably so full on when I first meet people that I scare them off
- I talk to my cat more then humans 
- I could eat porridge all day long 
6. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend...if so, how did ye meet?
I do however the story is actually a little weird looking back. But the basics was he was a friend of a friend.
7. Did anything surprise you about being a blogger that you didn't expect?
Mainly that people would actually read my blog!
8. Night in or night out?
 Night out!
9. Favourite ice cream flavour?
There is a shop near me that does white chocolate and coconut ice cream and it is gorgeous
10. Chinese takeaway or dominos?
11. What are your expectations or goals for your blog in one years time?
For my writing and skills to keep improving and for it to be beneficial for my blog.

The people who I nominate and my questions :

1)Why did you start blogging?
2)What started your interest in the subject you blog about ?
3)What is your next planned adventure (whether big or small)?
4)Are you a spender or saver?
5)What did you want to do when you was younger?
6)Whats your lucky number?
7)What was the last film you watched ?
8) A motto you live by?
9)Do you collect anything?
10) Current favourite, cant live without product?
11) If you aren't a full-time blogger, what is your day job?

Thanks for reading! Remember the award is about meeting new bloggers so please leave your links below!



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