Saturday, 12 July 2014

Whats in my carry on bag?

I am going away ALOT in August! So as im getting all packed up and ready I thought I would show what is in my carry on bag.

Bag - BHS 
Headphones - Skull Candy
Purse - Harrods
Camera - Fujifilm
Glasses (and case) - Jigsaw - blog post here 
Sunglasses - Fossil 
Books - I find it a lot easier on holiday to re read books. I'm currently re reading the Divergent series and thought I would take mocking-jay as well as its getting closer to part 1 coming out!
mini notebook and memory stick - Being stuck in the airport or on the plane its always nice to watch the shows what you like not what they provide. Therefore I always put some of my favourite DVDS ect onto a memory stick and watch them on a notebook as taking a normal sized laptop would not be a smart move.  

Travelling make-up / emergency kit bag - 
Bobby pins and hair ties
Concealer, mascara, Lip balm, benefit miniature and BB Cream - I never wear make-up when on the flight however when I land its nice to have a bit of make-up on for the day / night. Obviously its not a full face of make-up so I recommend a light BB cream with a lip balm.
Face samples and Benefit miniatures - Most of us always have free samples lying around the place whether there from blog meets or just from the shops. I find it the perfect time to have a bit of a pamper session mid flight as your skin will definitely thank you for it. 
Perfume samples - Perfume samples are also great for flying as they are below 100 ml. You can take as many as you want and they will last while you are away.  I got there's from the discovery club box by the fragance shop and will be posting a blog post on it soon.
Hand sanitiser 
Chewing Gum

I hope this helped anybody. As well as travelling a lot in August its going to be a very big month on my blog which im not going to reveal quite yet! As well as that I have lots of blogger interviews typed up and ready to go so make sure you follow me on blog lovin for the next month so you don't miss anything!

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  1. Love the bag �� once again great post ❤️ x