Monday, 14 July 2014

Blogger interviews #1 - Nicholas Rider

So  I posted, a couple of posts back, explaining my plan to do blog interviews to get more involved in the community. Starting off the series then is Nicholas Rider a Photography blogger from Sydeny. His photography is amazing so after reading this make sure to check him out!

‘What is your blog called and what is it about?’
My blog is called ‘Nicholas Rider Photography’ ( I guess it’s basically a ‘photo diary’, where I can post all my photography. I also post behind the scene photos, written work of my own, inspirational quotes, and links to interesting videos or articles about photography. 

‘Why did you want to start your blog?’

I have a website which is more of a portfolio and an overview of my photographic style, but I wanted a place where I could regularly post my work – whether it be a single image, or a set of photographs. A blog also allows me to easily combine my photos with words.

‘What’s some other blogs you like and where do you take inspiration from?’
I could list loads of blogs and photographers that I love, but here’s three I find myself looking at on a regular basis:
Ben Clement –
Mike Dann –
Melissa Findley –
Apart from taking inspiration from other photographers, I take inspiration from art, music, reading, writing and travelling.
‘What are you hoping for in the future?’
Blogging is definitely something I want to continue doing. I think a blog is a useful and easily accessible tool to get my photography out into the wider world. So whether I’m doing photography as a fulltime thing or not in the future, I’ll keep making use of my blog to share my work with other people. 
‘What your social media sites?’
Website –
Facebook –
Twitter – @NicholasRider_

So that was the first interview in my new blogger interviews feature! I had so much lovely response from lots of  amazing bloggers. Originally I thought this feature would last for around a month however I currently have 7 weeks worth of interviews already scheduled! Therefore im going to allow this feature to continue. This means if you want to be interview then I will be more then happy to carry this on as I am having so much fun talking to so many lovely people, I feel like it would be stupid not to. Id like to thank Nicholas for kicking off this series so make sure you go and check out his blog!

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