Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lippy of the month - YSL Rouge volupte lipstick in (13) peach passion

Unlike last months lippy of the month (here) ive had a busy month doing lots of normal  life things such as uni applications and packing up my house as in 3 weeks im moving! (which means im busy scheduling posts for the week or so I have to survive with NO INTERNET) Therefore ive been sticking to the more natural long lasting lipsticks that get me through the day.

The lipstick ive been drawn to the most is the YSL Rouge volupte lipstick in (13) peach passion. It retails for around£25, which I know is a lot but the girl in me cant resist packaging like this as I am a major sucker for luxury packaging. The noticeable gold packaging with the YSL detailing and pop of colour is always a winner for me.

The product itself is very light on the lips however has a creamy rich texture. I find it to be quite moisturising and the colour is a fresh beautiful coral. I find its the right balance between the perfect pink and peach which is perfect for every day. 

My only problem being, as it is a very creamy lip product, it isn't the easiest to apply. 

Whats your opinion on YSL lipsticks? Hows September been for you?

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  1. This is such a pretty colour! I love how it's bright but not too bright ;)

    Every Day In Grace