Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hello October

*Obviously this post is not on the blogger Hello October, just making that clear*

*picture my own*

As I’ve already mentioned multiple times on my blog autumn in my favourite time of year and October my favourite month. I’ve read a lot of hello October / Autumn  posts today however decided to do things a little differently. Instead of doing the normal ‘my favourite things about autumn post’  (which by the way are white / gingerbread  hot chocolates, sweaters, Hull fair, Halloween, girls nights in, burgundy clothes, Topshop boots, spiced apple candles, bonfire night and of course it’s nearly Christmas) im just going to ramble about bits and bobs.

At the start of this year I was writing a complete different blog to my blog now and was not enjoying it that much.  Now im writing this blog with almost 500 followers and I could not feel more proud of it. Also so far this year I’ve passed As and right now I am applying to university its feels like a massive leap forward into the real world, I really do not understand were this year has gone already.

This month is going to be a lot more lifestyle / day to day life  on my blog as I have lots of little special days planned, obviously along with the normal beauty and fashion bits. The major event this month however, which I have previously mentioned, is I am moving house *prays doesn't have to deal with no internet for too long*. So there's going to be lots of home-ware hauls, room tours and a new set up to deal with very soon. 

So is Autumn your favourite season?  What’s your favourite thing about it?

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  1. I love white hot chocolate too! Goodluck with moving house! Abi :)

  2. I've just moved house too, and I've got to do it again in a couple of months! Congratulations on nearly reaching 500 followers, you've got another new one right here! :)

    Autumn is my favourite because it's not too hot and the fashion in the shops matches my own personal style!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  3. My favourite thing is the transition of cold drinks to hot drinks! I'm ready for apple cider :)

    Every Day In Grace