Tuesday, 2 September 2014

NEW HAIR! - Bye bye ombre

I've had my ombre hair for almost a year now and was starting  to get a little bored of it. So just in time for Autumn and back to college I decided to have a little trim, tidy and dye back. It was a big decision, as I loved my ombre, my friends were rather against me changing it and I felt like my new hair would be a little 'boring'. 

However the hair dresser did not let me down! By leaving out some of my natural bits of hair the colour looks almost natural, which was my major worry.

So whats your thoughts? Is ombre still the done thing to do or is it on its way out? How did you dye yours out?

Thanks for reading,



  1. It looks so nice! I've just got rid of my ombre as well. Mine's a bit of a patchy home job though, I definitely should have gone to the hairdressers like you! Love, Annie x

  2. Wow your hair is so long it looks so nice! Also (random) but I love your wallpaper haha! Abi :) MyW0rldMyView

  3. Looks good! The thing about hair is that you can change it, change it back, change it again... It just keeps growing back.
    :) Alice

  4. Ombre has been around for so long, now that I think of it! I think it needs a change once in a while :) you look great!

    Every Day In Grace