Monday, 23 June 2014

The Lincoln blogger meetup

The other day I was extremely excited to attend the Lincoln blogger meet organised beautifully Bel ( and Amy ( I think the video will get across how great the day was rather then me rambling on and on.

However I will say  this day was amazing. I got to meet lots of amazing bloggers and many of them in my area which is great. The beauty swap and raffle was a great idea by Bell and Amy as it gave us all the opportunity to create more content reviewing loads of new products without really spending a penny. Which I love as on a student budget its sometimes a bit of a squeeze.

Id also obviously like to thank all the brands that very kindly donated to the AMAZING goody bags we received. I'm thinking of doing  haul if anyone is interested in having a good rummage round.

So please check out any of the bloggers that also attended!

Natalie - Twice the Mum
Siobhan - The Beauty Baker

shorts - matalan
bat wing top - Zara
black blazer - miss Selfridge
boots - topshop
Bag - Harrods

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