Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fathers day out and OOTD

I could probably do a full A level essay on how much I appreciate and love my father on this fathers day however it could get very soppy and im pretty sure no one will want to read that as you have your own mothers and fathers to appreciate. But I will simply say that even though he can be very embarrassing at times like most dads, I am definitely a daddy's girl. To me my dad is an inspiration, coming from a rough school in a not practically nice area, yet certainly made his way in the world.

This fathers day we went to the Yorkshire sculpture park for a good long walk like old times ( my parents love 3 things in life camping, English heritage and stately homes which made for a very outdoors childhood). Even though my dad does not want to be on the internet I though it would show some of the other pictures from today as well as an OOTD.

Blazer -  miss Selfridge 
lace top -  primark  
scarf - from a vintage market 
high waisted grey leggings -  M&S ( yes M&S, I love their thick leggings for winter or on colder summer days in England)
boots - Topshop

Today has been such a nice day that really brought my brother and myself back to our childhoods which consisted of long walks, muddy paths and endless hours looking in art gallery's ( my dad is also a big art fan a long with my brother)

How did you spend your fathers day?

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