Sunday, 16 November 2014

Makeup revolution - Iconic 2 Palette

Being a beauty blogger I could not get away from the hype surrounding the launch of Makeup Revolution a couple of months ago.  Not being one to normally order online I was so excited to see it finally in my local superdrug. I bought a few things but my favourite being the iconic 2 palette.

 Its a great budget palette which contains earthy neutral colours. The colours are not just normal natural colours however as I find some are not the common colours that you would find in a natural palette. Making a great all round palette. For only £4 you get a great palette with all usable natural shades to use daily.They obviously are not the most pigmented however in comparison to MUA, they are build-able to get the strong colour you are looking for.

In contrast to the Naked 2 Palette, you get very similar colours and the same amount of product. So a definite dupe if urban decay are a little out of the price range.

Yes the packaging is a little more on the cheap side but for a £4 palette that many are comparing to the urban decay naked palette, im not one to complain.

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution products?

Whats your opinion?

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  1. This looks like such a lovely palette and I pretty much only wear neutral eyeshadows so it looks perfect for me. I haven't tried any make up rev products yet but I won some in a competition so I should be getting those soon.. eek! x

  2. Such Autumnal colours can really see that when you put it on the leaves! Abi :)